Important message

Robert Idegren Holding AB, mother company of Carbomax AB, acquired AB Ferrolegeringar in November 2014 with the ambition to create a new supplier with the ability to offer a full pamphlet of alloys and carbon products for the Nordic foundry & steel market.

During the last two years, 2015 – 2016, we have continuously worked on making the most out of the positive synergies between the two companies and to develop our strategies for the future.

We believe it is of utmost importance that we continue to offer the best possible service and valuable metallurgical competence to our customers. At the same time, both we and our customers are facing an increasing competition in the market and the demand for cost efficiency is becoming harder and harder,

With this in mind, it is time for us to take the next step!

Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have completed the merging of AB Ferrolegeringar in Stockholm with Carbomax AB in Västerås. From September 1, 2017, all activities will be performed by Carbomax AB.

Be sure that our ambition is to keep the pamphlet of products that our customers appreciate and the high service level when it comes to security in supply and quality. This is essential if we are to remain as one of the leading suppliers in the Nordic metallurgical industry.

We will continue our work with the development of new products and new alternative ways to recycle waste materials from our customers. We trust this is essential from a cost view but also equally important for the environment.

For updated information, please visit our homepage:

We wish you all very welcome to Carbomax AB!

Västerås 01-09-2017
Robert Idegren and Catharina Lindgren